Black Alpine Pig


A label for the Black Alpine Pig

The Black and spotted Alpine pig is an old landrace that has not been bred for high performance but is very well adapted to mountain pastures with its both light and strong physique. Thanks to their undemandingness and robustness Alpine Black pigs are predestined for extensive free-range farming in mountain areas. They need free run and are kept in small groups. Since they are constantly in motion, the fat is stored in the muscles, which results in a fine-fibered, marbled meat and thus a good taste. Less performance, but a great quality! This has been confirmed in most slaughters. The costs of the longer breeding period associated with extensive farming, however, is higher compared to less extensive systems. The breeder should therefore be rewarded with a significantly higher price.

In order to guarantee the quality and to justify higher revenue PATRIMONT has applied for and received a Europe-wide trademark from the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO in Alicante. This label is available free of charge for the breeders, butchers and restaurateurs during an introductory phase. Later, a small percentage of the revenue will be due to support marketing.

The term "Schwarzes Alpenschwein"® or "Nero delle Alpi"® is protected in the three categories listed below:

  • category 29 (meat, meat products, etc.)
  • category 31 (live animals, agricultural products, etc.)
  • category 43 (gastronomy, catering, agro-tourism, etc.)

TM Alpenschwein LogoTM Alpenschwein Logo SW

Conditions for the use of the label

The label is a collective mark, which also can be used by outsiders, in case they follow the subsequently listed essential conditions:

  • Users must be registered in a user register.
  • The animals have to be registered properly at least for two generations in a herd-book.
  • The keeping of animals has to comply with the requirements for free-range keeping and must be located within the Alpine region in accordance with the Alpine Convention.
  • The proportion of pork in processed products must be 100% from the Black Alpine pig. This also applies in the case of declared products offered in gastronomy.
  • For further conditions, refer to § 7 of the trade mark statutes.

A protection mechanism is set up to prevent misuse by unauthorized persons. The use of the label is monitored by a Europe-wide active company specialised in trade mark protection. Abuses are legally addressed and dissuasions will include monetary claims. All legal users are asked to immediately report violations. That is the only way the label will have the intended effect.


Trademark statutes German
Trademark statutes Italian


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