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Pro Patrimonio Montano – The network old alpine breeds

The Alpine Network Pro Patrimonio Montano (abbr. Netzwerk/Rete PatriMont) is covering the alpine parts of 5 countries (AT, CH, DE, FL and IT), that means the Central & Eastern Alps. The network is a non-profit umbrella association uniting various regional groups and breeder organizations.

The efforts are aimed at endangered alpine breeds which are particularly remarkable for genetic and cultural reasons (alpine eco-types). These are to be preserved in the form of living stocks.

PatriMont supports network partners and promotes conservation projects in the Alpine region. It acts as an information platform, serves the exchange of experience, supports cross-border initiatives and ensures the Alpine-wide networking of the actors. In special cases urgent rescue programs are also carried out on their own. It also supports the marketing of products of traditional breeds by creating Trademarks and make available to them. Means of reaching the association's purpose are also information and awareness-raising.

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