Black Alpine Pig

Conditions for participation in the breeding


Breeding objectives:

The black and spotted Alpine Pig is to become native again in its original area of distribution, the Central and Eastern part of the Alps. The breed has to be kept and bred in mountain regions to maintain its special characteristics such as robustness, undemandingness, economic efficiency and mountain credentials. The selection of animal breeders therefore is done with special attention to the location of farms res. the sites where animals are kept (mountain area defined by the Alpine Convention or nationally recognized mountain zone). They should preferentially be in alpine areas with the possibility of grazing or Alpine pasturing. Extensive feeding, preferably with fodder produced on the farms, supports both animals’ health and meat quality. Therefore, organic agricultural systems are preferred to conventional systems. A manual (in German and Italian) on free-range keeping of Alpine Pigs is available.

ScheckenRequired conditions for breeders

  • Adoption of a breeding group with a boar. No boar of any other breed should be kept (danger of cross-breeding)
  • Participation in the breeding efforts of PatriMont (cf.: agreements)
  • No distribution of uncastrated young boars for non-breeding purposes
  • Animals are kept in cold houses with unlimited access to runs without roofing
  • Free run in a rotational grazing system, at least during the vegetation period. For veterinary reasons, stable fencing is needed (problems because of wild pigs)
  • If possible Alpine pasturing including free grazing/ browsing
  • No application of zootechnical measures such as grinding of teeth, tail-docking or ear-tagging. As regards castration, refer to the management recommendations.
  • Compliance with PatriMont-recommendations for free-range keeping and feeding to the best of one’s knowledge and belief.


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